The Aurora 88 Black Mamba fountain pen features black resin construction with grana di riso (grain of rice) guilloché, adding significant character to the pen. The tactile sensation of the guillocheé engraving is truly captivating.

The Aurora 88 Black Mamba is limited to only 888 pieces and features satin ruthenium trim and matching nib that is available in 6 different widths: EF, F, M, B, BB, and Factory Stub, all made from 18k gold and paired with an ebonite feed.

One feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is Aurora’s unique piston filling system which provides an small reserve of ink, visible through the ink window, that’s accessible by extending the piston mechanism, providing enough ink for several more pages of writing after the pen initially runs dry. An added benefit to this design is that the filling knob remains extended, acting as a reminder to refill the pen while still allowing the cap to post securely during use.