For the new limited edition Volute fountain pen, Diplomat is utilizing a technique called hydro-dipping, or water-transfer printing, that produces amazing results full of color and detail. The Aero Volute design demonstrates the quality of the transfer process with swirling, smoke-like flumes in black, grey and white on the pen’s aluminum surface. A protective coating is then applied to the entire pen.

No two Aero Volute pens will be the same. Due to the unique manufacturing process, there is at least one point on every pen where a small gap or overlap in the pattern could occur. These vary in severity, location, and subtlety and are to be expected with this Volute design.

Made from aluminum with matte chrome details, the Aero is defined by its smooth groove-like indentations on the cap and barrel. The Aero is fitted with your choice of nib made from polished steel or 14K gold with a two-tone design. Both nib materials are available in EF, F, M, or B widths and manufactured by JoWo.

The exclusive cap closure system has a soft sliding click distinguishing it from every other snap-cap system. It provides a tactile sensation that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Each Diplomat Aero fountain pen comes with two cartridges, a converter, and a 5 year warranty.