Montegrappa Passione Fountain Pen

The Montegrappa Passione is now available at a new price that’s now just as attractive as its stunning celluloids! Available in four brilliant colors, Orange, Blue, Cinnamon, and Zebra, the Passione is sure to get your attention. The 18k gold, rhodium-plated nib is available in seven widths: F, M, B, OM, OB, BB, and factory Stub! The grip section and trim are made from solid sterling silver and the pen utilizes the convenient and easy-to-clean cartridge/converter filling system.

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Embarking on a journey to touch the soul of the writer, Montegrappa – Italy’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of fine writing instruments – has identified three of the most important human conditions that feed the poet, the songwriter, the belle-lettrist, the lover. Emozione, Desiderio and Passione form a triumvirate of pen families that express our most powerful thoughts and feelings.

Passione means more to Italians than the obvious heated desire and obsession. It can also mean fondness, the pursuit of a hobby, or the love of a sports team. Whatever definition it is employed for, it always stands for interest beyond the merely passing. It can demonstrate a love so strong that it can barely be contained, whether for a person or a musical genre, for art or sculpture or the theatre, or even for collecting inanimate objects. Like its sibling, Desiderio, Passione can also be inescapably sexy.

Comparable to its cousins in the Emozione range, the Passione collection is made in celluloid, presented in four hues. Two represent the unlimited lust and passion in the extreme, in sizzling orange and spicy cinnamon, while the Mediterranean blue and the vertical Zebra stripes convey magnetic qualities with a slightly cooler touch. The nature of this material ensures that the colour patterns of no two pens will be identical, adding a bespoke touch.

Inevitably, the Passione collection oozes with sensuality. It strikes the writer through its sinuously curved pocket clip, underlined by the two matching enamel lines, and a voluptuous shape, ending with the traditional 1912 high-relief logo. Each writing instrument in the Passione family is trimmed in 925 sterling silver trim, while the fountain pens are fitted with filigree-pattern 18kt gold nibs. The feed of each fountain pen is made of ebonite, a natural hard rubber traditionally used in the pen-making industry for its excellent writing performance.

The Montegrappa Passione fountain pen utilizes the cartridge/converter filling system.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in


Nib Size

Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad, Oblique Medium, Oblique Broad, Factory Stub

Nib Material

Rhodium Plated 18k Gold

Nib Color


Filling System


Compatible Refills

Bottle, International Cartridge

Body Color

Blue, Cinnamon, Orange, Zebra



Cap Type




Retractable Nib





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