Elegantly and artistically crafted, the Emperor Collection of fountain pens captures the beauty and essence of Japanese culture.

Featuring the largest pen body of any Namiki model, both the black and vermilion fountain pens are decorated using multiple layers of Urushi lacquer. The pen is crafted with more than 20 processes in Roiro-Urushi lacquer finish, requiring three months of production time to complete. Namiki’s expert craftsmen have used this technique in fountain pen production since the company’s inception in 1918. In 1925, the process was patented as Namiki’s Lacquer Naito method and Namiki has since earned a reputation for producing the finest lacquer fountain pens available.

Each pen is fitted with an 18 karat gold nib tuned by the masters at Namiki, assuring long lasting, impeccable writing performance. The gigantic #50 size nib is available in fine, medium, or broad widths. A traditional Oriental wood gift box with bottled ink completes the attractive presentation.

The Namiki Emperor is produced in very limited quantities. It is highly recommended to place one on back-order if it is not in stock to reserve the next available pen. Delivery time on back-orders is unknown.