Platinum #3776 Century Carnelian Fountain Pen – US Exclusive


The Platinum 3776 Carnelian is the first-ever US Exclusive from Platinum! The Carnelian features a stunning reddish-orange transparent resin with silver sparkles throughout, complemented with rhodium-plated trim and nib.

The Platinum 3776 Century Carnelian fountain pen is being offered in limited nib sizes of EF, SF, M, B, and Music. But the Nibsmith is proud to offer the Carnelian with additional sizes of Fine and Soft Medium. Each nib will be inspected, tested, and customized to the customer’s preferences at no additional charge.

The 3776 Century line features the innovative, patented-pending “Slip & Seal” inner cap mechanism that prevents the ink from drying out in the nib for up to 24 months.

Includes one blue-black ink cartridge and a chrome-trim converter.

Pre-orders are now being accepted. The Platinum 3776 Carnelian will be available on November 7th. Payment will be collected once the pens are in stock and ready to ship.

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It has normally been thought difficult to make an airtight pen with a screw-type cap. If not sealed tightly, the following problems can result:

  1. Ink drying out due to moisture evaporation.
  2. Problems with dried ink if the pen is not used for three to six months.
  3. It can be necessary to clean the pen using the Platinum Ink Cleaner Kit or even to repair or replace the nib itself if the damage due to dried ink is too severe.

At the request of customers, Platinum Pen Company have gone back to the basics to deal with this problem. This is the first fountain pen which has their unique “Slip & Seal” structure in a pen with a screw-type cap. Thanks to this innovation, currently being patented, it is possible to have a screw-type cap with complete airtightness.

The innovative cap contains a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen. Meanwhile, a newly redesigned nib and feed regulate the ink flow. Founded in 1919, Platinum Pens is now nearing a full century of achievement. The #3776 “Century” celebrates this approaching anniversary and continues Platinum Pens’ tradition of technological innovation. With Platinum Pens, the pleasure of writing and the use of fine writing instruments will always be evolving.

The #3776“ Century” Fountain Pen. What qualities make for the ideal contemporary fountain pen? Sleek design, comfortable writing balance, smooth flow, and fast-drying ink… At the request of customers, we at Platinum Pen have gone back to the basics to address these issues. Every part and mechanism has been carefully studied and re-engineered. The result is the #3776 “Century,” designed on the base model of the popular #3776 series pens.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in
Nib Size

Extra Fine, Fine, Soft Fine, Medium, Soft Medium, Broad, Music

Nib Material

Rhodium Plated 14K Gold

Nib Color


Filling System


Compatible Refills

Bottle, Platinum Cartridge

Ink Cartridge Capacity


Ink Converter Capacity


Body Color

Orange, Red





Cap Type




Retractable Nib


Weight - Capped


Weight - Uncapped


Length - Capped


Length - Uncapped


Length - Posted


Diameter - Cap (w/ clip)


Diameter - Cap (w/o clip)


Diameter - Body


Diameter - Grip



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