Aizu maki-e is one of the traditional crafts originating from the castle town of Aizu. It is being one of the crafts with the longest ongoing history in Japan and dates back to about 400 years. Aizu maki-e is well known for its bold and decorative designs that have a gradation of colors and incorporates an expert polishing technique making them quite appealing. Applied to the fountain pen are varied lively designs of raden (an inlayed diversity of sea shells) drawing fine lines that add a gradation, which expresses the “Aurora.” The luxurious maki-e fountain pen portrays a masterpiece of art and is more than a writing instrument.

The Platinum Izumo Aurora features the large 18k, two-tone gold nib normally only available in three widths (F, M, and B), but the Nibsmith is proud to be able to offer all six widths the President nib is made in: Ultra Extra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Coarse (Double Broad). No other retailer offers as many nib options.

Each Platinum Izumo fountain pen is packaged in a wooden box with a pen kimono, a bottle of ink, and a single cartridge and converter.

Will match the price of any authorized retailer worldwide.