For decades, the 1911 has always been available with a center ring/band on the cap. Most of Sailor’s past ringless 1911 were reserved either for King of Pens series, Limited Edition series or Japan exclusives. Now it’s been made available to us as a North American Exclusive. With the Sailor Epinard ink as the most popular North American Exclusive Sailor INK color, it has been chosen as the first color for this exciting new product.

Here are some of the highlights of the new Sailor 1911 Ringless Epinard:

·Available in the 1911L size and offered in all seven standard nib sizes
·Comes with Black IP plated clip and accents
·Comes with 21K Rhodium plated nib
·Available for authorized Sailor North American Retailers ONLY
·Not available in other countries, not even Japan