Inspired by science, geometry, and balance, the TACCIA Kaku-Tate limited edtion fountain pen combines old-world techniques with innovative design to produce a fountain pen that is not only beautiful in its minimalism, but functional and luxurious in look and feel.

To represent these intricate patterns, TACCIA has specially selected balancing tones paired with a perfect 12-sided barrel in their most innovative Reserve LE to date. Each TACCIA Kaku-Tate LE starts off with raw ebonite barrels, coated with many layers of urushi lacquer by TACCIA’s skilled Japanese craftsmen. After multiple layers of color are added, each barrel is precision sanded to bring out both the intricate 12-sided shape and the duo-tone contrast from the urushi lacquer underneath. Each barrel is then individually polished and finished with additional urushi to protect and seal the work and bring out its brilliant finish.

Two styles are being made available – Thin Stripe and Wide Stripe. The Thin Stripe design displays a thin stripe of the base-layer color along the edges of each facet. The Wide Stripe design displays a thicker stripe of the base-layer color along the edges of each facet. See the entire line of Wide Stripe Kakutate here.

The Thin Stripe Kabuki Curtain features a tri-color design inspired by the curtains used in kabuki theaters. The Kaku-Tate Kabuki Curtain combines three traditional Japanese colors, orange, green, and black, to create a truly distinctive work of urushi art.

The TACCIA Kaku-Tate Kabuki Curtain comes with a specially fitted Japanese 14K gold nib made by the highly regarded Sailor Pen Company, available in sizes EF, MF, M, B, and Music. Each TACCIA Kaku-Tate LE is make in only 100 pieces in each color.