2019 Ohio Pen Show Nib Work Reservation

Please note that appointment times are approximate. It’s recommended to sign up for the earliest slot available.

Generally, each 20 minute session is enough to complete one custom grind (stub, cursive italic, architect, oblique, or width reduction) or two simple adjustments (flow adjustment/smoothing). The number of time slots per person will be limited to 5. If bringing more than one or two pens, please book consecutive appointments as necessary.

I will not be accepting pens to take back from the show to work on.

Instructions For Booking A Reservation:

  1. Select the day to view open time slots. Available days are shown in white boxes. Unavailable days are grayed out.
  2. Click “Book Appointment” to select an available time from the list that generates below. As time slots are booked, they will be removed from the list. If no slots are shown, then the entire day has been booked.
  3. Fill out the form and click “Request Appointment.”
  4. After successfully creating an appointment, the page will refresh and you will receive an email with the appointment details.
  5. Repeat as necessary.

Payment for nib work will be made at the show. Cash is preferred, but credit cards and PayPal will be accepted.

The service fees for nib work are as follows:

Tune & Smooth – $25
Stub/Cursive Italic – $45
Oblique – $50
Architect – $60
Width Reduction – $60

Please flush pens prior to your appointment. Thank you!

January 2020
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The Nibsmith will be attending the following shows. Reservations will begin being accepted about two weeks before the show starts.

Baltimore, Feb 28 – Mar 1
Arkansas, March 13-15
Atlanta, April 3-5
Chicago, April 30 – May 3
St. Louis, June 26-28
DC Super Show, TBA
San Francisco, Aug. 28-30
Colorado, TBA
Ohio, TBA