Sailor’s family of North American exclusive is growing. The arrival of the new Sailor 1911 Stormy Sea adds a highly requested blue color to the growing palette of 1911 colors. It is not just any blue, but it’s a vibrant blue with a distinct silver metallic sheen.

• Only for authorized Sailor North American Retailers
• Not available in other countries, not even Japan!
• Available in both 1911S,1911L, and King of Pen sizes
• Offered in all seven standard nib sizes

Named in honor of the foundation date of Sailor Pen, the remarkable 1911 Series was first introduced over 30 years ago. It has maintained the use of high quality materials and craftsmanship from the beginning and is available in many different materials and surface finishes. The smooth balance and writing quality of the wide selection of 14K solid gold nibs available for these models is a testament to over 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality writing instruments at Sailor.